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Ben was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland. From a very young age he became interested and involved in Classic motorcycles. He started a small bike shop in his garage repairing and restoring Triumphs and Nortons. In his late twenties he moved to the USA to join the Engineering dept. at the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center in Milwaukee, WI. Ben consulted as Engineer on the Twin Cam project and the V-Rod program as well as led the balanced Twin-cam and 6 speed transmission program. He subsequently moved to Austin, TX where he decided to open another bike shop dedicated to motorcycle repair and maintenance. His mission is to keep the Classics running!

Motorcycle Maintenance


Wanting to get work done on my own vintage bikes, it seemed nearly impossible to get simple jobs done at a reasonable shop rate or an agreed upon time window. Time and time again,  I found that most shops have high hourly rates making any repair work simply not cost effective. In many cases their employees or the owner have no real knowledge about classic bikes nor have the experience and tools to work on them. In addition your bike project goes on the "back burner" because the shop is making more money on quick turn around repairs and tune-ups. Out of frustration I opened up a small shop called Ben's Classic Bikes and we have the equipment and expertise to repair and maintain your classic bike. Our emphasis is on know-how and professionalism. We get the job done and we get it right because we only do quality work!

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